Documents of any size, complexity and specialisation. TIMA SERVICES has a team of translators and interpreters whose specialities cover all domains. See list of areas we specialise in below:

Medical Translation
Legal translation
Commercial translation
Technical Translation
Website translation

      For larger translation projects, we always work with the same team of translators; this is in order to maintain a high level of consistency in terms of style and wording. Glossaries are created for regular clients.

Languages and Dialects:

TIMA SERVICES offer quality translation and interpreting services in more than 50 languages and dialects.

Arabic Chinese Croatian
French German Dutch
English Italian Spanish
Portuguese Swedish Turkish
Russian Polish Serbian
Danish Czech Norwegian
Finnish Hindi Japanese
Korean Iranian/Persian Hebrew
Urdu Romanian English
Armenian Bulgarian Kenyan
Vietnam Ukraine Taiwan
Slovakia Slovenia Filipines


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Legal information:

TIMA SERVICES SARL. AU a pour objet:
Traduction & interprétation de conférences-Conseil de gestion-Formation continue-Prestation de services aux entreprises.

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  • 46, boulevard Zerktouni, 2° étage, apprt. n°6 . CASABLANCA 20330 (MAROC)